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Simply put, search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and volume of web traffic to a website.

This is accomplished by using  proven SEO techniques that comply with standards set by the major Search Engines.

The goal is to acquire the best possible results for a particular keyword or keyword phrase that relates to your business and is used by consumers when searching on the Internet.

To fully understand what SEO is and how it matters – check out this link –

Did you know that poorly designed websites and poorly written code accounts for over 65% of websites being skipped over by relevant search engines when “crawling” the web?

A word of warning!  If you are planning on paying someone to help you achieve your online marketing goals, please be careful not fall for inflated promises and over-hyped results.

If an SEO company is promising you first page results on Google – take a deep breath and think about the following.

There are only 10 places in the organic or natural search results on the first page of Google.  Let’s say for the purpose of this illustration that you are a Plumbing company.  Depending on where you live – there could be hundreds of other plumbing companies within a specific geographic area, and of these competitors let’s say 30% do some form of SEO for their websites.   So, if there are 250 competitors that would mean 75 plumbing companies are trying get to that coveted first page of Google.

As you can see there just isn’t room for everyone at the top.

Naturally we at Morris Web Solutions believe that we can be very successful at attempting to reach this goal.  Honestly, given the fact that Google continually updates their algorithms, which facilitates the need to stay on top of the latest SEO strategies, while avoiding “tricks’ that could very easily get your site banned from Google, any reputable SEO services company can only really guarantee their efforts.

Over the last eight years we have been very successful in helping our clients with their online marketing strategies.